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Valve Train Components

AVR (Vikram) Valves offers the benefits of more than 40 years' experience in Valve Train Systems and our high quality Valve Train Components have earned industry-wide respect. The valvetrain is one of the most critical and complicated assemblies in an automobile engine. The effective and proper functioning of the valvetrain has a direct impact on the smooth operation of engine. We make sure that all the Valve Train Components are compatible and industry-specific. The components we deliver to the clients are strictly based on our company's quality standards and are quality check passed.

Valve Seats

A valve seat is a very critical part of an engine. Vikram Valve offers quality Valve Seats made from combination of unique wear resistant and high thermal conductivity materials, and near net shape geometry. It is very important to select proper material for Valve Seat manufacturing depending upon the application in order to withstand high temperatures, stress and corrosive gases and compounds.


Valves Springs are among the most highly stressed components in an engine. Vikram Valves supplies Valve Springs made from superior materials for better pressure and lift. An optimum combination of mechanical properties, stress profiles and surface conditions are used to improve the fatigue life of the spring.

Valve Guides & Tappets

Vikram Valves offers range of Valve Guides for Gasoline and Diesel Engines consists of a wide variety of sizes and configurations. All Valve Guides are manufactured from quality materials such as Cast Iron, Sintered Steel and with special features and treatments like Nitrided / Phosphated finish, Semi finished, Fully finished and Super finished Bore and Threaded and Plain Bore.

Vikram Valves supplies Valve Tappet/Lifters from Chilled Cast Iron or Cold Forgings Material. Tappets offered are designed to perfection and are precision engineered for high performance.

Push Rods

Push Rods are considered to be highly strained components in an engine and require proper manufacturing. There are two types of Push Rods - Forged Type and Tubular type. Vikram Valves supplies high-performance Forged Push Rods manufactured on Electrical upsetting Machines and Hydraulic Presses. They are subsequently induction hardened on both ends. Tubular Push Rods are manufactured by projection welding of cup end on one side and ball on other side. Push rods are made from various material like Steel Rods, Aluminum and Tubes.

Valve Spring Retainers

Vikram Valves offers CNC machined Valve Spring Retainers manufactured from high strength and hardened steel and alloys. Designed to add strength, all of our Valve Spring Retainers are finished to precise tolerances with outstanding cleanliness, extreme tensile strength, zero wear, and light weight designs. In order to maintain high quality, the valve seal from Vikram Valves are all inspected thoroughly.

Valve Collets

Valve Collets are used as a pair to hold the inlet and exhaust valves in the engine. Valve Collets ensure that the valve spring always holds the engine valve in the required position. Valve Collets are precision stamped on a range of modern high speed equipment allowing us to offer a wide variety of single, center and multi-bead content designs.